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The Scotty Gomez Foundation has proudly sponsored more than 75 boys and girls (fees and gear) for the 2012 hockey season through the Boys & Girls Club of Alaska. We are continuing our efforts in growth as a non-profit organization giving back to Alaska’s youth and providing opportunities to our youth hockey players in the community.

The Foundation donates over $60,000 annually to various hockey organizations and players though out the state. We are dedicated to providing opportunities and assistance for youth hockey in Alaska. In an effort to help raise money to fulfill our mission, the Foundation holds several fund raisers annually.

We encourage you to get involved and are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise money for our needed cause.

If you’re ready to help and would like to join our committee, contact us and tell us about yourself and how you could help the Scotty Gomez Foundation grow stronger.

The Scotty Gomez Foundation is committed to creating and enhancing hockey opportunities for Alaska’s youth. The Foundation’s Board of Directors have agreed that a portion of the money raised for the first few years will be saved for the purpose of developing a fund that will grow and generate a sizeable sum of money from its investments in perpetuity so that funding will exist to invest annually in Alaska’s hockey community regardless of fund raising efforts.

If you’re a corporate or small business and are looking to get involved by sponsoring one of our many fund raising events, please call us at 907-230-8744 to request more information on upcoming opportunities.

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