The Scotty Gomez Foundation makes grants to provide opportunities and assistance for disadvantaged children and youth to play hockey. The Foundation’s grants are made:

  • to hockey associations that nurture disadvantaged youth 
  • to PTAs that make skating accessible to youth at the school level 
  • to non-profit organizations and municipalities that own and maintain ice rinks 
  • as sponsorships for hockey-related activities 

The Foundation values partnerships and leverage. Grant requests that credibly describe sustainable local community partnerships that bolster youth development through hockey are encouraged. Grant requests that do not have credible, sustainable, local partnerships are unlikely to be funded.

What makes a child or youth disadvantaged?

  • Financial ability to pay for gear and ice time. Low-income youth of all races and ethnicities should have access to gear and ice time. 
  • Gender. The Foundation is interested in ensuring that girls have access to hockey.

Why focus on Parent Teacher Associations?

The Foundation and PTAs share common interests in youth development. PTAs are comprised of the volunteers that keep rinks clear, maintained and open. PTAs can identify and address the most basic impediments to hockey, such as ice skate sharpening.

Why focus on organizations that own ice rinks?

Non-profit organizations that own and operate ice rinks provide the most basic service to young hockey players.

What kind of sponsorships does the Foundation support?

The Foundation makes small sponsorships available to non-profit organizations that get kids out on the ice. For example youth tournaments have been funded in the past. What is an exceptional situation for an individual grant?

Individual grants are rarely made. Upon occasion, the Foundation may assist a young hockey player who has suffered a family loss or other exceptional hardship, or assist an exceptionally high-performing, talented hockey player with a small grant to move to the next level.

Grant application

There is no formal grant application. To request consideration for a grant, please submit a letter detailing the request signed by an authorized leader of the non-profit organization.

Grantmaking process

Board members conduct individual due diligence at the community level before voting on a grant. The Board meets regularly to review grant requests. Letters of approval or declination are sent following Board action.

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